Begonia flower variety

Xifu Begonia

Xifu Begonia was named after the Jin Dynasty growing in Xifu. The shape of the flowers -shaped umbrella -shaped inflorescence grows at the top of the branches. The flower buds are red, the flowers are single or heavy petals, and the color is light red or white. The flowering period is March to April of each year. The fruit is spherical and the color is red.

Beef bell

Beatl was named after the stems were drooping. The shape of the flower is oval or leaf ovate, clustered at the top of the branch. The petals are rose color, and the flowers are bent and sagging. The flowering period is April each year.


Climbing bells. It is named because it grows on the ground. The shape of the leaves of the bells climbing is similar to the shape of the flowers and the stalks, but the flowers are dense, and the branches are either oblique or growing up. The color of the flowers is red or orange -red. The flowering period is very long. From March to April of each year, it is a flowering period. There are also flowers in summer and autumn, but the number is not large. The flowers are open to the leaves or the same period. The fruit is oval and spherical, the color is orchid color, with redness.


Begonia is named because the stems are short or close to the stalk. The leaves are ovate or oval. The flowers are clustered. The color of the flowers is pink, vermilion, and white. The flowering period is March to May each year, first open with the leaves or flowers and leaves at the same time. The fruit is ovate or spherical. The color is red or yellow -green, the taste is very fragrant.

Four Seasons Begonia

The roots of begonias in the four seasons are developed. The leaves are oval or widespread oval, the base is oblique, and the color is red or purple -red. The shape of the flowers is an umbrella inflorescence, the male and female are different flowers, the color of the flowers is red, pink, and purple. Pet petal or double petals.

Toyo Jin Haitang

Toyo Kim Begonia, also known as compound Begonia. It is named because of a variety of colors. A flower can be bloomed with color flowers of color, pink, purple, red, bright red, orange -red, white and other colors. The leaves are green, purple, red, yellow and orange. Autumn is the most beautiful leaves. The fruit is small and exquisite, the color is red, yellow and orange.