Don\’t forget the seeds

I planted the next seed, and finally grew up, grew Xiaomiao seedlings, and looked at it every day, and actually felt the feeling of motherhood.

Do not forget the seed planting with your notes

After buying, I don\’t forget the seeds, I heard that I need to urge germination. But Xiaobian didn\’t know how to germinate, so Xiaobian wrapped them with wet paper towels, placed in a cool and ventilated place, and went to see my little seeds from time to time.

Seeing the germination of small seeds began to germinate a bit, Xiaobian hurriedly planted them into a flower pot. The soil must be wet.

More than a month later, Xiaobian\’s Forgotten Small Miao Miao has been growing.

Looking at the pictures on the Internet, and looking at home, it is a living seller show and buyer show. You can only blame the editor to be too embarrassed.

Some flower friends posted such pictures to Xiaobian to see that they were very good. After sowing, watering the water is not watered again. The bottom of the flower pot is covered with a thick layer of pottery grains, and then the nutritional soil is placed.

My little seedlings are actually good. I grow up every day!

Green oil is not like new rapeseed? Hey, the eighteen changes of the female, as well as the plants. From the soil, the small crooked seedlings of the crooked, the healthy seedlings of the big leaves have grown.

I usually buy the stars who will be saved by the finished product for a few days. This time, the seeds of forgetfulness have been successful. For more than three months, I have been so big. Try the confidence, try to grow mint.

Finally, put a few web pictures before raising your eyes! Are you in front of the screen? Then you can act quickly and do a few forgotten at home. The process will definitely make you unforgettable …