Ground skin picture

Ground skin

The ground skin is rounded. Looking at it from a distance, the ground skin is like an erected egg. The ground skin has a cake -like leaf, densely clustered, and it will also bloom red brown flowers, but there is no value of viewing. In fact, the most beautiful ground skin is its itself. Most of the land skin is light green, and it will become red in autumn. Of course, the ground skin also has yellow -green plants. Planting a single tree, sturdy, green; and planting a large piece, green refreshing, red romance, nature, so beautiful! Intersection


Such fresh green is the beauty of this world. This is simplicity of ground skin, no need to change the shape, and don\’t have gorgeous clothes. Such beauty is the refreshing beauty.

The ground skin can also become colorful. No. In the autumn, the green ground skin becomes romantic purple -red. Purple -red ground skin is also very eye -catching, and it feels different from the green color.

Occasionally walking through such a world of skin and earth, will you stop and taste carefully. I believe that everyone who has seen such a beautiful scene will feel natural.

This is not the flower field of lavender, but it seems to be stained with the romance of lavender. Sure enough, beautiful things always have certain characteristics, so they are so similar.

This is actually planting two ground skin next to the stone, but it does play a good embellishment. Such a small scene is simple and not artistic. Who says that beauty must be carefully carved?

This is not a flower field, but the red ground skin is like the brilliant flowers in full bloom.