He planted a peanut in the flower pot, which caused everyone to imitate

Peanut potted

Can you recognize such a small potted plant? Is it so much praise? Don\’t you hurry up?

If it is well -maintained, you can still bloom yellow flowers ~ Let\’s introduce the planting method of peanuts, super simple!

Step 1: Soaking

Find a cup, pour water in the cup, then put the peanuts in, soak it overnight, and let the peanuts fully absorb the water.

Step 2 sow

Peanuts are not strict with soil. Ordinary garden soil is sufficient. The seeds are about 2 to 3 times the peanuts. Remember to pour water after sowing.

Step 3 management

After the peanuts come out, remember to put the peanuts in a place with sufficient light. Don\’t forget to water it.

There are also hydroponic peanuts, which are also great!

Potato bonsai

The potatoes that can\’t be eaten are so beautiful ~

If you want to save effort, a potato can grow directly into the flower pot!

Direct hydroponics is OK ~

If you are not afraid of trouble, you can cut the buds of the potatoes into pieces, dry it, and sow into the flower pot. This saves potatoes. Maybe you can grow new potatoes ~

Lettuce pot

The benefits of making potted plants with lettuce are not only good -looking, but also delicious ~

Step of lettuce sowing:

1. To purchase seeds within the shelf life, this determines the germination rate of the seeds;

2. Soake the water before planting;

3. Because the seeds of lettuce are relatively small, it can be sowed with fine sand when sowing;

4. After sowing, keep the matrix moist.

Potato pot

After washing it, it is hydroponic.

The tender green sweet potato leaves, white aquatic roots, that is, the roots and the leaves are super beautiful!

Earth Pei: Choose a healthy sweet potato and buried the sweet potato directly into the soil to pour water ~

Is this sweet potato potting more beautiful than the flowers ~ It is best to ensure sufficient light to raise sweet potato bonsai.

Garlic pot

Choose a few garlic, the flower pot is filled with soil, put the garlic into the soil, pour water, wait for germination

Note that the light should be sufficient, otherwise it will grow.

Flowers who like hydroponic, may wish to whole garlic, put them directly into the suitable container, pour water, and freely develop it!

Flowers do not want to spend money to buy potted plants, so hurry up and plant a pot of vegetable potted plants!