Schola can also develop noble women\’s models, open eyes

Light on the living room

A pot of hanging orchids hanging on the sofa of the living room, you can meet a touch of green when you raise your head, and make a small fresh!

Put on the cabinet, with tiger Pilan and twelve -volume plants and plants, highlighting a trace of tenderness among the lingering people.

Light the bay window

The hanging orchid hangs above the bay window, and the hanging branches spread out deliberately, and the green wild fairy breath spins.

Light on the bedroom

Put in the corner of the bedroom and place it with other plants to create a good sense of layering.

Put it next to the bedroom floor -to -ceiling windows, maintain it, and open fresh and white flowers.

Light up the kitchen

Put it on the kitchen rack, the soft and green branches hang down, making the greasy kitchen instantly refreshing!

Light on the balcony

Put it on the flower stand, placed next to the balcony, and the long hair -like branches poured down like a waterfall, like Sichun girl who looked at the window overlooking.

Light on the desk

Pick off a section of stems of the binschida, and you can surprise you in the water at will, put it on the desk coffee table, add a touch of green!

After watching the above match, do you still think that the churning orchid is Cinderella?

Actually! Seemingly ordinary plants can show different past visual effects from changing angles and flower pots!

Let\’s work hard together and find more levels of plants!