Why does my chrysanthemum blossom?The answers are here!

Why does my chrysanthemum does not bloom?

Ignoring the internal cause of chrysanthemum blooming

Chrysanthemum is a short -day plant. Differentiated flower buds under 12 hours a day, and then the top buds can be converted into flower buds under the environmental conditions with short -day illumination, low temperature, and temperature difference between day and night temperature of about 10 ° C.

Therefore, artificially shortening light, extending the dark period to more than 14 hours, and forming a short -day condition, which can promote the differentiation of flower buds and bloom in advance.

Usually not in place

Improper maintenance. For example, excessive watering during seedlings, excessive nitrogen fertilizer and lack of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, trimming is not timely, premature or too late, shear, and so on.

Daily maintenance points of chrysanthemums


The chrysanthemum matrix is ​​preferably a well -drained, loose, and fertile micro -acid sandy loam.

Generally, water and sand with water permeability and breathability are generally selected, adding garden soil and humus soil. The proportion is humus soil: garden soil: river sand = 4: 4: 2.

If conditions permit, it is best to disinfect the sterilized sterilizer such as Form Marin or Multilason.


Chrysanthemum is a short -day plant, and chrysanthemums are conducive to nutritional growth under long sunlight conditions; under short sunlight conditions, it is conducive to reproductive growth, that is, short -sunlight is easy to bloom.

After the chrysanthemum grows to normal expansion of 10 leaves, the sunshine length is within 14.5 hours, and the flower buds begin to differentiate. After the flower bud is differentiated, it takes 13.5 hours of daily length.


The requirements of chrysanthemums can be summarized by \”large capacity, fear of accumulating water, and drought resistance\”. Therefore, when watering, it is strictly based on this characteristic.

Watering in summer is sufficient, once in the morning and evening, not to be watered at noon. After flowering, the amount of water gradually decreases. In case of heavy rain, pay attention to drainage. Waterwing is appropriately reduced.

Finally, do not accumulate water, do not accumulate water, and do not accumulate water.


When the chrysanthemum is changed, you should pay attention to the basics of the base fertilizer. The base fertilizer can choose the leftovers and the leaves of rotten vegetables in the home.

After the beginning of autumn, the fertilizer water should be given enough. Generally, the thin bone sliced ​​sauce water is applied once a week. When the buds are to be put, the calcium phosphate and 0.1%dual potassium solution are applied again. It will be more bright.

Note that you need to water and loose soil in time after fertilizing ~


Topping is the main technical measure to promote chrysanthemum branches. If you don\’t pay attention to topics, the chrysanthemum will be disorderly growing, and it will also affect the growth of chrysanthemums. The topic should be carried out in the sunny weather. The wounds of the rainy weather are prone to rot or mildew, which should not be topped.

For the first time, when the chrysanthemum seedlings have formed a root system, that is, about 3 weeks after the chrysanthemum seedlings are cut, the top ends that have not been carried out during topping.

The second topic is that the new buds occur at the top leaf axil. When 4-5 leaves are growing, the weaker leaves are removed once every one month and once every one month. After late August, we stopped topping, and choose the adorable branches that are good at growth.

After each top of the top, the rotten fat should be applied once to make the side buds germinate.

How to make chrysanthemums advance or delayed?

Bloom in advance

The potted chrysanthemums moved into the dark room every afternoon from July to August to completely break it. Control the sunlight within 8-10 hours throughout the day, but at night, it should be ventilated outdoors. between).

After 50-70 days, the flower buds can be seen, so that chrysanthemums will bloom early to National Day in October. If there is no dark room, you can use black paper or black cloth cover instead of shading, but you must completely let the lower part not leak.

Postpone flowering

That is, when the chrysanthemum was buddy in early September, lighting with lights. Use 100 watts (W) electric lights in the evening. Increase light photos of 2 to 3 hours within one meter to the plant to suppress chrysanthemum formation of flower buds. By stopping the light increase in November, it can be delayed to bloom until December.

All in all, in short, be sure to remember that chrysanthemums are short -sun plants. Too much light will not bloom ~