Algae bell jade family breeding method and precautions

The method of breeding of algae bell jade


The environment is warm, the sun is sufficient, and it is resistant to drought and cold, so you must remember to put the algae bell jade in a sunny place!


The plant is dry and watered.Throughout the summer shading, it is placed in a bright and ventilated scattered light, and a small amount of water is given in summer, and it will rot if it is more.After autumn, you can return to water after the temperature comes down, and step by step.There is no need to replenish the plant when the plant is full.


Whees with good fertile soil, and use mixed plant such as rotten soil plus garden soil plus granular soil or coarse sand.You can also mix a small amount of peats with cornography, and then mix a small amount of red jade soil and orchids, and the surface of the granules on the surface.The plant should be based on water permeability.


The suitable growth temperature is 18–24 degrees.


Algae bell jade breeding can be sowed or divided into divisions.

Precautions for the breeding of algae bell jade


High temperature will allow algae bell jade to sleep, so pay attention to shading and ventilation.


The temperature should be kept above 10 degrees. If the heating is good, water can be watered in an appropriate amount, and the water is broken.