Baili Cao’s breeding method and precautions

1. Planting and management

Baili Cao can grow in many soils, but the most suitable is a bit of acidic soil. We must sort out the ground before planting to make the seed bed strong and flat. Before sowing, the fertilizer must be applied to the fertilizer. It is mainly phosphate fertilizer and potassium fertilizer. In particular, phosphate fertilizer is very important for the growth of Baiti Cao. Before sowing, the fertilizers are buried into about 10 centimeters under the surface, so that the effect will be better. Nitrogen fertilizer is not suitable for bottom fertilizer, because nitrogen fertilizer is particularly easy to give it a lot of weeds.

2. Sowing

The most suitable sowing season for Baixi Cao is to be carried out at the beginning of spring or summer. If there is no particularly sufficient rainfall or good irrigation conditions, then do not plant it in the hottest summer, otherwise it will let it let it go The effect of emergence has become very bad. If it is used to make a lawn, the amount of sowing can be appropriately increased, but if it is used as a soil and water conservation or pastoral grass, it must be a little less. Generally, within 3 to 5 weeks of planting, you need to water a small amount of water multiple times a day. When your small seedlings grow, you can reduce the frequency of watering. However, the amount of watering should be increased so that it can promote its better development and growth.

3. Care at low temperature

Generally, it is more drought -resistant, but it is better to grow under the conditions of irrigation or rainfall. When there is no frost in winter, it can keep it green all year round, but when the temperature is low in winter, it will become yellow. At this time, we can cover it with more than a year of life or many years of rye grass. In this way, those lawns can always be green.