Baiqian -layer breeding method and precautions

1. Light

Bai Qianlian itself is more like the sun, so we usually have to make a whole day of sunshine breeding, and it cannot make it often in a place with bad light. It is easy to get yellow, so light is very important for it.

2. Water

It generally likes water, but it does not allow water in the pot soil to save water, that is, too much watering, otherwise it will easily make its roots rot, and it is not conducive to its growth. When watering again, we must remember not to pour the pot soil. If it is dry, we must pour through. Watering this way can effectively avoid the existence of water.

3. Supply of fertilizer

Bai Qianlian is more happy, so when adding fertilizer, we can configure some liquid fertilizer ourselves, take some liquid and then mix some water for pouring, so that the fertilizer can not be too thick, and then apply it to it. a little. It can well meet its needs for fertilizers.

4. The position of the place should be fixed

When we place it, we must be fixed a little bit, and we cannot move around. This is also uncertain, and it will also have great disadvantages to grow it.

5. Potted management

Bonsai is generally needed for sapling. You can use cuttings by yourself. When we grow, we can cut some of its strong top branches, which can be about 8 to 10 cm in length. After drying it, we can insert it on the sand bed that has been prepared.

6. Prevention of diseases and insects

When breeding it, some pests are usually grown, which will cause great harm to its roots. So at this time we must do a good job of prevention and insects. When we occur, we can use some drugs to completely eliminate them. In addition, we can also put some sweet sugar water or rice soup on weeds, which can improve its control effect.