Bamboo Begonia breeding methods and precautions

Breeding method


This kind of plant is overcast. Remember not to expose it. It can be placed in a shade environment when planting. Pay special attention to the exposure of it in summer, otherwise it will slow down the plant growth, and the serious ones will cause the leaves to become yellow.


Bamboo Begonia is a more drought -tolerant plant. Remember not to water too hard, keep the soil in the pot in a slightly dry state. However, it is not completely unnecessary. Because it likes a more moist environment, it can be sprayed to keep wet in summer in summer, or in a dry season such as autumn.


The fertilization of the plant should be selected when the soil is dry, and then watered it after being applied, which helps the nutrient absorption. If you have just changed the pot, you should not use fat. The problem of scientific fertilizer can effectively promote the growth of the plant. Therefore, in the spring, the bamboo begonia is in the growing period, once every six months, and fertilize in accordance with the rules of “a small number of times”. In addition, the number of fertilizers should be controlled. In particular, fertilization should be stopped in the flowering period and cold winter.


Because they grow all year round, if the plants are too high, they may not keep up with nutrition, resulting in leaf drops. Therefore, the timely trimming every spring and timely change of the soil will help the plants grow up healthy.



The most common method of this plant is cuttings, which can be inserted through the method of division. When selecting branches, you should use healthy new branches, about 15 cm in length. Bamboo Begonia, which grows from this method, is still very good.


When cutting, pay attention to the inserted part of the unwanted leaves, and in order to maintain sufficient water, you can also cut off some top blades appropriately. Put it in a cool place and high humidity, and water it regularly in a spray manner, which can be transplanted in about a month. There is no problem with this method.