Black rabbit ear breeding methods and precautions

Features of plants

First of all, it likes to grow in a cool and dry environment, does not like sullen and humid places, and it is most afraid of waterlogging. In addition, it is also suitable for the sun with sufficient sunlight. The semi -shading is still barely, but it will not work completely.

specific method


We said above it is very happy. If the light is insufficient, it may cause it to grow too fast, and the shape becomes loose, which will destroy its overall form. Therefore, we must give it more light. Of course, appropriate shading measures must be taken when there is a scorching sun at noon in summer.


We know that drying is suitable for this kind of plant, so even in a very strong period of growth, we only need to keep the soil slightly wet. In summer, after about 35 degrees temperature, growth and development will almost stagnate. At this time, there is almost no need to water, otherwise the roots may be rotten. In addition, water does not need water in winter, and the ability of plants to resist drought is still very strong.


When choosing to cultivate soil, you can mix peat, perlite, and cog slag (the most required amount of corn), and a small amount of river sand can also be mixed, so that plants may thrive.


There is no need to say outdoor plants. The important thing is that in the indoor plant, you must pay attention to regular ventilation, especially in summer.


This plant will be dormant when the summer is high (half at half of the thirty -five Celsius). At this time, special attention needs to be paid to it, such as light, moisture and other factors.