Can chrysanthemums bloom in all seasons?

Chrysanthemums can bloom in all seasons

The chrysanthemums naturally have summer chrysanthemums, and then the autumn chrysanthemum is made, so that the chrysanthemums are blooming in the four seasons. Of course, because the plant cannot do it, the chrysanthemum can be used to make the four seasons bloom.

Spring chrysanthemum

In summer, chrysanthemums are blooming, and reasonable care must be taken. Cooling measures need to be taken and ventilated. However, how to bloom in spring, so you can use its growth habits to cultivate them to bloom in advance.

First of all, short -day treatment, and then a short -day and long sun alternate treatment to allow the chrysanthemum to fully absorb the light.

Secondly, you should also pay attention to the shading. You only need to start from 5 pm to see the light at 7 o’clock in the afternoon, and you must also have good ventilation.

This will bloom in spring in advance.

Summer chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemums will bloom in the summer, so only need to be maintained normally. Be sure to pay attention to opening the windows and ventilation, but also cool down!

Autumn chrysanthemum

The most famous is Qiu chrysanthemum. Autumn chrysanthemums are the most brilliant and rich flowers, so remember to appreciate chrysanthemum in autumn!

Chrysanthemum blooms in the Spring Festival

If the chrysanthemum is blooming in the Spring Festival, it is necessary to carry out autumn seedling in mid -August.

By mid -September, add a division and a pot. In November, due to the decline in temperature, it is necessary to move into the low temperature indoor maintenance. You should also pay attention to shading to avoid sunburn plants, so that the above maintenance management will bloom when you rush to the Spring Festival in February.

Maybe there are other methods that chrysanthemum blooms according to your meaning, then you can also tell Xiaobian!