Can Ji Yulu be inserted?

1. Is it feasible and operational method

First of all, Xiaobian tells everyone that although Ye Jie is not the first choice for Ji Yulu, it is also feasible. The specific operation method is to choose a strong and fleshy blade, just use your hand to push it down, and to push the roots of the blades. You must ensure that the leaves are intact, and it cannot be used if it breaks. Select the soil with a good drainage of vermiculite or coarse sand, insert the leaves into it, and then keep it moist, but there must not be too much water, otherwise the leaves will rot. In general, the meat of the meat is very easy to take root. After the small buds grow and grow a little longer, they can be transplanted into the larger flower pot and cultivated.

Second, the maintenance after leaf insertion

Secondly, Xiaobian must also tell everyone the maintenance problem after the leaves inserted, otherwise the survival rate of Ye insertion is difficult to guarantee!

1. Temperature

Ji Yulu should be kept in a well -ventilated and dry place, and the temperature is controlled between 8 degrees Celsius and 20 degrees Celsius to ensure normal growth. If it is less than 5 degrees Celsius, it will be frozen.

2. Light

Ji Yulu is sensitive to light, and must not be illuminated by strong light, otherwise the leaves will be burned and affecting germination. In the hot summer, you can cover a thin layer of fine net, which can be removed after October and give it full light.

3. Soil

It is necessary to ensure that the soil is fertile and has good breathability. You can add some peat soil to the soil in moderation, so that the organic content in the soil will be rich, which is conducive to its growth.

4. Watering

Watering for Ji Yulu must be paid attention to. However, it cannot be drought for a long time, otherwise it will die. When the air is particularly dry, spray water in the surrounding air to increase moisture.

5. Fertilization

There is no need to fertilize at the beginning of the cuttings, but when the growth is particularly fast, you need to use fertilizer every month to provide sufficient nutrition for its growth. It does not need to be fertilized at high temperature in summer or at low temperature in winter, otherwise it will affect normal growth.

Through the above content, everyone should know. Ji Yulu can be inserted. As long as you pay attention to the maintenance management, the survival rate will be very high.