Can Kirin palm bloom?

Can bloom

Kirin Palm is a plant that can bloom, but many reasons are because of the lack of care during the cultivation of farming, so that it will not bloom. It is said that its flowers are not good. There are about a few millimeters away from the leaves, the flowers are small, yellow, and a horn -like.

But as long as it can see it blooming, it is also a very pleased thing.

Reasons for not blooming

Because the management method is improper during artificial breeding, it is difficult to see the flowering scene without blooming, so we cannot determine its flowering time.


The optimal growth temperature of the Kirin Palm is about 22-28 ° C. 30 ° C will be unfavorable for its growth. It will enter the sleep above 35 ° C. You will see that all its leaves fall off.

The environment may not be dark but not directly shining during the maintenance. Kirin is not resistant to cold, so pay attention to the cold prevention work in winter.

Fertilizer: Kirin does not like fertilizer, so do not have less fertilizer, do not be strong. Apply about 15%of the full rotten alum fertilizer water once a month in the growth season.

Moisture: Kirin palm is more drought, so it is best to pay attention to not watering without drying.

According to the collected data, Kirin Palm will bloom, and the maintenance of flowering is only these introductions, so we can say that Kirin Palm blooms, but the flowering is not good -looking, and there is no ornamental value.