Can tea plums be placed outdoors outdoors?

Plants’ temperature requirements

Generally speaking, the appropriate temperature of plant growth is from eighteen to twenty -five degrees Celsius. In winter, the wintering temperature of plants requires above minus. Therefore, whether it can be placed outdoors to spend winter, it depends on the temperature in specific areas, and it cannot be somewhat defined. For regions that rely on south, the temperature in winter is not very low, and it can naturally be outdoors. For those areas with high latitudes or high altitude, plants must be moved indoors to make it safe.

Precautions for Winter Winter


The lower limit of the temperature has been said above, but if the plant is to be placed in the room for winter, you should also pay attention to a upper limit, that is, seven degrees Celsius. It is best to be three to six degrees, and too high is not good.


In general, this plant likes the environment of semi -yin and semi -yang. It can not be given too much light, and of course it cannot be given to it at all. In winter, light is a more important factor, because we may worry about it in summer, but there is no such concern in winter. Therefore, it is possible to give more light appropriately. If you feel that the wind on the balcony is too high, you can put it in a place where you can touch the sun.

Water fertilizer:

These two are placed in one, because the needs of plants in winter are very similar to them. As for water, not only the soil should not be too wet, but also the leaves should be kept dry. There is also fertilization. Generally speaking, it is necessary to apply light fertilizer during growth and flowering, and it is basically not needed in winter.


Just a little free, otherwise the temperature is not easy to control.