Can the rose flowers drizzle rain

The benefits of rain

In fact, if the rose flowers are raining, there are many benefits.

During the rain, you can water the rose flowers, which is a saturated state in the pot. This is not easy to achieve in daily watering.

Rain is generally weakly acidic, because carbon dioxide and rainwater in the air are dissolved into carbonate. Coincidentally, rose flowers like weak acidic growth environments, and rain can meet the needs of rose flowers.

Secondly, the oxygen and nitrogen contained in the air will be absorbed by the rose flowers with the rainfall, especially the nitrogen element cannot be directly absorbed by the rose flower. Through rainfall Essence Before it rains, the air will contain some associate tuberculosis. These substances are rich in trace elements and have an important role in the growth of rose flowers.

Another point is that by raining, the plants of the rose flowers can be cleaned, and the surface dust can be absorbed to make the pores unobstructed, which helps the plants’ breathing effect and grow better. And can make the leaves fresh and more beautiful.


Although there are so many benefits of rosewood rain, it does not mean that it can drizzle the rain, which is noticed by many precautions.

The first is that the rose flowers that just put on the pot cannot be rainy, because at this time the root system has not yet stabilized, and it is necessary to see dry watering to promote the growth of the new roots.

Secondly, in some heavy industries, air pollution is very serious. Most of them are sour rain, which is not good for the growth of rose flowers.

There is also the best rain in the rain. It is best not to drizzle the rain when it rains to avoid stagnant water. It is best not to pour the plants when it is under heavy rain.

It is best to check the rose flowers after it rains. It is best to spray some bactericidal agents to avoid diseases and insect pests.