Centennial Orchid’s Plant Culture

Shouxing reputation

Their leaves are evergreen, each with only two pairs of leaves, wide and flat. The widest pair was found in the Flache area, and it can reach the height of adult men as high as height. But how does it make your life so long? That’s it. Their leaves can grow 12-14cm each year. The entire leaves are lying flat on the ground. Even when the wind is strong, it cannot hurt the soil below.

It can not only resist the erosion of the soil, but also absorb sufficient water by virtue of its huge surface area. This is also a necessary condition that they can survive! However, such a large leaves can achieve a century irregularities. Of course, there are other reasons. First of all, this desert is closer to the sea. A large number of sea fog can keep its moisture. Absorb certain water, so they can be vibrant at the end of the year!


There are only four leaves of this plant, including two genuine leaves. These two leaves will not wither. They will only grow longer and bigger, that is, their life span is the life of the entire plant. Their leaves have a growing belt. The cells nearby have a certain kind of elementary ability, and they will constantly generate a letter of organization, so that the whole leaves will become larger and larger. In fact, their front end is also aging, and the old part has long disappeared. But the growth zone will continue to have new organizations as substitutes, so we may misunderstand that they will not be damaged. This is where it is not old.