China border town, the most beautiful scenery is here

East Mongolian Frontier “Moon Bubble”

The moon bubble is a lake that is accumulated from flowing water. It is located about 17 kilometers northwest of Taipingtun in the town of Mooreta, Hulunbuir, Inner Mongolia. It is located near the border between Inner Mongolia and Russia, on the banks of Erguna, and the Russian town opposite the river. In the whole year, the whole bubbles show the shape of the “moon” shape, and sometimes the rivers are long and the shape becomes round. This area belongs to the transition area of ​​the grassland and forest. It can not only see the vast grasslands of the terrain and the forests of the film. Sometimes the grasslands and the forest are intertwined with each other. Extremely beautiful.

Dandong Lvjiang Village -Shangri -La in the north

The Green River is located in the east mountainous area of ​​the Manchu Autonomous County of Kuandian, and the east with Jilin Province, Ji’an City, and the south of the North Korean Democratic People’s Republic of China. There are 14 residents groups in Lvjiang Village, more than 550 farmers live here, with more than 2,000 people, and 60 % of farmers make fishing for fishing. It is mainly composed of the three ethnic groups of Han, Man, and Fresh. This is the best embodiment of the natural and natural scenery of pure natural ecology. It has both the majesty of the northern landscape and the spirit of the southern mountains and rivers. Here you can also watch the scenery of the two countries and the eternal ethnic rivers. There is no industrial pollution in the Green River. No matter which mountains, you can drink it directly. The State Council is determined to be one of the six major pollution regions in the country. Because of the beautiful scenery here, it is known as “the first village of Liaodong” and “Shangri -La in the Northeast” by tourists and photographers who came.

Northwest Village-Baihaba

Baihaba Village (Baihaba Scenic Area) is known as the first village in the northwest and the first whistle in the Northwest. Silc is only 1.5 kilometers, and the national defense roads are connected. Baihaba Village is known as one of the eight most beautiful towns in China. Baihaba is quiet and leisurely, virgin forest, log huts, smoke, and a little mysterious in the morning fog and bold, but a little mysteriously form a fairy tale kingdom.

Bianzheng Town — Shuo Long

Shuolong Town is located in the southwest of the county seat, and has been a border town since ancient times. Breaking from Vietnam, the border line is 37 kilometers long. It is a small town of Zhong Lingyuxiu. It is adjacent to Dutian Waterfall, Jiulong Beach Waterfall, Pingling Canyon, Heishui River and other tourist areas. Connected to Vietnam’s landscape. In the town, the Heishui River, the Guichun River, and the jumping canal run through the whole territory.

Yunnan Matsuachi ~ Border Town

Takacho City is located in the west of Yunnan Province, the southern part of the Dehong Dai Ethnic Jingpo Auto Autonomous Prefecture, the south with Myanmar is the neighbor, the west and north, and the Ruili River and Ruili County in the west and north. Featured border port cities. Takacho has rare teak forests in the country, lush rubber forests, and various tropical crops are also very rich. Drifting in Xiaolongjiang is the most interesting tourist activity in the local area. The 15 -kilometer tour, the forests on both sides of the river are dense, there are many strange stones, and it is quite tropical.

Human Secret Realm Nanyougou

Nanyigou is located in Nanyi Township, southern Milin County, Tibet, 5 kilometers from the county seat. Here are ancient historical legends, unique Luoba style, dense virgin forests, and handsome South Yitu water, full of charm. Nanyougou is one of the countless beautiful groove valleys in the Ximalaya Mountains. It is more than 40 kilometers deep. The scenery in the ditch is beautiful. There are well -protected natural virgin forests and vegetation. The meadow. Surrounded by mountains, clouds and mist, peach blossoms in the mountains in spring, and red leaves full of mountains in autumn.

Go towards the city of happiness

Moqian County is a county under the Lingzhi area of ​​Tibet Autonomous Region. It is located in the southeast of Tibet. It is located in the lower reaches of the Yarlung Tibetan River and is located at the southern end of the east end of the Himalayas. In this area of ​​about 10,000 square kilometers, it has developed and reproduced a variety of natural resources. Entering Moqian County, you can appreciate the various and colorful natural landscapes from the cold mountains to tropical rain forests within a few hours.