Chuan Han Xiao’s breeding method and precautions

1. Soil

Chuan Han laughs is a meat root, so the conditions for soil are also very high. The soil must be very breathable. We can mix them with some corruption leaves, garden soil, and some fertilizers and sand soil to make them into a cultivation soil, and then plant it. It becomes loose and drainability will be very good. Make its roots fully absorb nutrients.

2. Watering

Chuan Hanyi usually keeps the soil in the basin wet, but it should not be too wet. If too much watering, it will make it easy to produce water, so that it will make it easy to rot, so on rainy days, so on rainy days, Be sure to control its moisture. In addition, a lot of water is needed before the growth period and flowering, so at this time, water must be poured once a day. When the temperature is high in summer, you must pour a little more water on the leaf surface, so that it can cool it well. The time in autumn and winter is relatively short during the day, so it is usually water per week to 2 to 2 times a week.

3. Sunlight

In summer, its plants cannot be exposed to the sun. It is necessary to properly cover the sun to prevent burns from strong light. We can put it on the window or balcony east of the room, and we can put it under the tree. When autumn is cool, you can take a little more sun. Put it in the room where the room is in the room in winter.

4. Temperature

In winter, the temperature cannot be lower than 5 degrees, otherwise it will affect its normal growth. The highest temperature cannot exceed 15 degrees. If the temperature is too high, it will consume too much nutrients, which will also affect its growth next year.

5. Fertilization

Chuan Han laughs is particularly fattened, so generally we have to fertilize every half of the first half of the season, and we have to stop fertilizing when blooming and after October. If you see the color of the leaves are not particularly green, you can apply another fertilizer.