Cicada wing breeding methods and precautions

Light temperature and precautions

Earth wings habits like light, especially when the growth period should be given sufficient light. If the light is insufficient, the curls of the leaves will be poor, which will affect its aesthetics and reduce the value of ornamental.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the usual maintenance that the light is sufficient, but after April, because the sunlight is too strong, it is necessary to pay attention to shading and sunscreen to prevent the tip of the leaves from drying and yellowing.

Fertilization management and precautions

The growth period of the wings of the earth is the most needed for nutrition, so you must fertilize the nutrients required for growth.

You can apply thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer once a month to prepare enough nutrients to promote plant growth;

After the flowers are drawn in spring, be sure to pay attention to spray about 0.5%of the potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution on the plants about 3 times to help the plant sprout and flowering.

Watering management and precautions

Earth wings prefer a humid growth environment. Pay attention to keeping the soil moist during the growth period, but avoid water to avoid causing rotten roots.

If you do not water for a long time, the plant will stagnate and grow, and the leaves will wither and wither; in severe cases, the leaves will even cause the leaves.

Therefore, pay attention to the usual maintenance, watering should be used on time, and you can often spray water to the plant’s leaves or the overall plant to increase the humidity of the air, avoid dryness at the top of the leaves, affect the healthy growth of the plant, and the plant’s plants. Aesthetic.

Alright, the above is the method of breeding of the wings of the earth, soar it!