Common varieties of Bauhinia


Bauhinia is a variant of bauhinia, and the flowers are white.

Cluster or single shrub, 2-5 meters high; bark and branches as gray.

Leaf paper, nearly circular or triangular circular, usually hairless on both sides, green leaves green, only purple with petioles.


Bauhinia is a deciduous tree or a large tree. Generally, the growth of plants can reach 30 meters. It is an excellent local tree species discovered in recent years.

Giant Bauhinia’s leaves are born with each other, full, heart -shaped or nearly round, branches soft and drooping, dense and elegant. Capital purple -red, shaped like purple butterflies, flowers first and then leaves.

Watching flowers in spring, the inflorescence is large and dense, and the color is gorgeous.

Summer watching leaves, dense leaves, heart -shaped, round and shiny.

Viewing fruit in autumn, the amount of fruit pods is large, and when it appears, it is green. When mature, reddish brown, flat and long strips, and slightly pointed at both ends.

In winter, the leaves are more supportive, and the main trunk is tall. The bark presents agate gray and branches.


Bauhinia is the cluster of the bauhinia. The height can reach more than 4 meters. The crown is 100-300 cm. Generally, there are 5-10 branches.

Canada Red Leaf Bauhinia

The plant is about 4-5 meters, the branches are black and gray, and there are light -colored leather holes.

The new leaves are purple -red, and the old leaf summer is copper brown in the sunny environment. If the light is insufficient, it will turn green brown. By the autumn, it becomes red. The back of the leaves is pale pink.

After the flowers, the 4 to 10 clusters generate short general inflorescences. The old dry, new branches, and short branches can be flower, corolla butterfly, rose red, flowering in April.

The pods, flat, reddish brown after maturity from August to September, with nearly circular seeds, but the result rate after flowering is not high.

Canadian red -leaf bauhinia’s flower stalks are relatively long, and the flowers are relatively sparse. Unlike ordinary bauhinia, they are clustered and open on the trunk.