Common varieties of black rice

Xiaoyenan candle

This variety of black rice is not the same as the original variant, because its leaves are relatively small, about 1cm and 4cm, about 1cm width, and its plants are basically no hair or hair specially. Less. This variety is usually produced in southern Guangdong, Hong Kong, Guangxi and other parts, and the growing altitude is generally under the forest between 800 meters and 1300 meters. This variety of black rice has good value and science is developing. Therefore, the variety of mutated varieties also better meets people’s needs, so that plants also better reflect their own value.

Ovocopic South Candle

The difference between the original variant is that the leaves are relatively small, showing the shape of the egg. The length is generally between 1.3 cm and the width is about 1 cm. Its top is blunt and round, with a lot of teeth on the edges, and the end of the wedge -shaped shape, gradually narrowing. It is also often produced in the south of Guangdong, and it grows in the grass on the side of the road. This pattern specimen is adopted from the Lotus Mountain in Haifeng.

Light red south candle

This variety is different from the original variant in the color of the flower. The color of its flowers is light red rather than white. When it is blooming, it is light red, which is particularly spectacular and beautiful, but the environment of its growth is particularly bad. One is all in the shrub jungle or on the stone rocks that grow on the hillside, so this kind of variety is particularly cold -resistant and heat -resistant, and it is easier to survive. The value is also considerable. Jiangxi is divided, Zhejiang Pingyang is relatively many, so different varieties of production are also different. It depends on what kind of temperature conditions they are more suitable for survival. So for this reason, the variety is also different.