Common varieties of Fulu Tong

Common varieties of Fulu Tong

Yuanye Fulu Tong

The Yuanye Fudong is also a round leaf Nanyang Mori and Yuanye Nanyang Ginseng. It is a relatively common variety.Yuanye Fulu Tongzhong is tall and upright, and the leaves are bright. It is a more popular leaf -seeing plant today. It can be used to decorate the living room, study, balcony, etc., which is both elegant and elegant, and there is a unique small and fresh.

Fine Leaf Fulu Tong

The leaves of Fine Leaf Flutong are relatively slender, the leaves are green, fresh and cute.Very suitable for decorating home and office.

Yuye Fulu Tong

Yuye Fulu Tong is also a relatively common leaf -viewing plant. Because its leaves are more like feathers, they are called Yuye Fulu Tong.

Fulu Tong is a kind of leaf -viewing plant that is very suitable for home home. If the flower friends are interested in it, they can cultivate a pot of Fulu Tong at home!