Common varieties of grapefruit

Shatian pomelo

The maturity time of Shatian Pomelo is generally from mid -October to mid -November. The shape of the fruit is generally pear -shaped and there are gourd shapes. Its flesh flavor is rich and sweet, usually white, similar to shrimp, excellent quality.

Four Seasons Pomelo

The outer skin of the four seasons is thin, and it is light blue. The flesh is full, soft and juicy, sweet and sour, and the nucleus is relatively small. Four Seasons Pomelo is known for its production of Cangnan Malaysia Station.

Changshan Hu Pomelo

One of the major features of Hu Pan is that the fruit is very resistant to fresh storage. At room temperature, it can generally be stored to the April to May of the second year. At the same time, the flavor of Hu Pomano’s pomelo is still stored, and the quality is still very good. This can avoid the listing time of other varieties. At the same time, its flesh contains useful acids, so the product is excellent.

Daixi honey pomelo

Honey pomelo fruit is generally mature in late October. Its fruit is large, with long ovate, and some of them are pear -shaped. The peel is thin and pale yellow. There are fewer or no nucleus in the fruit. At the same time, the fleshy acid is short -term, soft and juicy, and it is also the top grapefruit.


The shape of the fruit of the paddy paddy is often overwhelmed, and the head is relatively large. The average weight of a single fruit can reach 1.2 ~ 1.3 kg. Fruits are usually mature in early November. The color of the mature peel is orange -yellow and shiny. Its flesh has honey and aroma, and the nucleus is very small, so it is popular with the public.