Common varieties of Jinji Erner

Xiaoyejin Chicken

Xiaoye Jin Chicken is a common type of Jinji. It is a shrub plant of Doumu and Butterfly Flowers, with a height of 40-70 cm and a maximum of up to 2 meters. There are gray -yellow or yellow -white bark with yellow flowers. Like light, barren soil, strong drought resistance. Most of them are born in the sandy land, dunes and dry hillside. It is a pioneer tree species in the arid grassland and desert grassland. Distributed in Mongolia, former Soviet Union, Northeast China, North China, Shandong, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Ningxia and Gansu.

Middle Jin Chi Erner

The middle brocade is a kind of bean family. This plant has wild species in the western Xilin Guo League in Inner Mongolia, northern Ulancha Alliance, Bayannaoer League, Alashan League, Ikzhao League, Ningxia and its neighboring loess plateau. It is commonly known as the lemon strip, which has a cold resistance to drought and wind and wind, and has a strong ability to keep water and soil. It is a pioneer plant that governs the loess and the slopes of the loess.

Lienka Jin Chicken

The lemon bars are a shrub plant belonging to the bean family. It is also called hair and white lemon. The plant height is 40-70 cm, and it can reach about 2 meters. It is suitable to grow on the yang slope and semi-sun slope at an altitude of 900-1300 meters. Drought resistance, cold, high temperature resistance is the dry shrub of the arid grassland and desert grasslands. At present, the lemon strip is one of the important tree species of the soil and water conservation and sandwood -fixed afforestation in Northwest China, North China, and Northeast China. It belongs to excellent sand fixing and greening deserted mountain plants and good forage feed.

Honghua Jin Chicken

Red flower brocade is a kind of Jin Chier. As the name suggests, the flowers are red.

Red flower brocade is upright shrubs. Small branches are slender, with edges, gray -brown, hairless, yellow or light red. The flowering period is from April to May, and it is mostly born on the hillside, groove roads, or shrubs.