Common varieties of lemon


Also known as oil power and oil, this variety is native to the United States. It is the most widely cultivated variety in the world. The fruit of Yulike’s fruit is oval to obovate. The base is blunt. The peel is pale yellow, and the normal management level is thin and less core.

FINO (Fino)

It is also known as Mesero, Primofiori, derived from Spain and is a main plant for Australia. The fruits are spherical or oval, with moderate size, light yellow or yellow, thin and smooth skin, high acid.

VERNA (Verra)

The Spanish varieties have large fruits, oval, less thorns and less cores. The fruit is yellow, the flesh is tender and the peel is rough.

Inerdonato (Indian Fruit)

Miscellaneous varieties of lemon and round buddhas, Turkish main species, and main export varieties. The fruits are oval to round. When they are mature, they are yellow -green, smooth fruit, and thin peel.

Meyer (Beijing Lemon)

The hybrid varieties of lemon and orange or lemon and wide -skinned mandarin were discovered in the suburbs of Beijing in 1908 and continued to choose from the United States. Low acidity, a little bitter taste, soft internal structure, excellent resistance, heat -resistant and cold, thin skin, juicy fruit, and not resistance to transportation.