Common varieties of mountains and laurels

1. Baihua Mountain Launani

The flowers are white or close to white. In the early summer of the Shanyue osmanthus period, white or close to white half -open umbrella -shaped flowers, bundled on the branches of large oval leaves, gorgeous and holy white, like a bride in a white wedding dress at the wedding, implicitly Dedicate the beauty of the mountains and laurels.

2. Honghua Mountain Mugui

The flowers are dark red. In the mountains and osmanthus period, in the early summer, the dark red half -open umbrella -shaped flowers were hung on the branches of large dark green leaves, echoing with the green leaves, embellished with each other, and showing the world to show the mountains and laurels. Beauty.

3. Zihuashan Launani

The corolla inside is a wide purple -brown band. The flowering period is relatively late. The edge of the petals is purple -brown band, and the petals are all white half -open umbrella -shaped flowers. Unlike solid -colored mountains and osmanthus, the bundles are hung on the branches of large leaves, showing the unique beauty of the mountains and longan.

4, narrow -petal mountain cinnamon

The petals are divided into a long and long five petals, and they look like feathers in the inflorescence. The flowering period is earlier. Each flower is composed of five long and long petals, making the whole flower look like chicken feet, which is obviously different from other mountain -moon osmanthus flowers. When the flowers are in full bloom, the small flowers are full of branches. Little velvet balls show another beauty.

5. Xiaoye Mountain Moon Gui

Small shrubs, small leaves, dark green. Unlike other varieties of large oval -shaped leaves, the mountains and laurels of the small leaves are known for their small leaves. The dark green leaves are narrow. Each leaf is about the length of the adult little finger, which can better set off the atmosphere of the mountains and osmanthus flowers.

6. Failure Leaf Mountain Music

The leaves are oval, apex blunt, 5-7 cm long. Unlike the leafye mountains and cinnamon, the obtuse leaf mountains are also oval, and the apex is not a sharp corner. Each leaf is about the length of the palm of the adult, and the left and right are staggered. Setting off each other, more charm.