Common varieties of persimmons


Persimmon is a commonly used fruit. It is usually divided into four categories according to the taste. Sweet and not sweet are one category. The taste is astringent and not astringent. After a long time, the astringent persimmons will slowly become unbelievable, but the fruits often grow some pigmentation. There is nothing hindered if it is eaten, but it only affects its own aesthetics.


Chicken heart yellow persimmon

Although this variety of persimmons is relatively thick, the taste is surprisingly good. The most important thing is that there is no nucleus. This is really saved for some lazy people. The peel is very shiny and looks full of appetite.

Mirror persimmons

The mirror persimmons are very powerful. In ancient times, it was a tribute to the court. The most famous way to eat is to make persimmons.

Surrounding persimmon

This should be the most common one in our daily life. There are four obvious depression in the appearance. The taste is sweet and juicy. It is relatively early in the mature period. It matures in September each year.

Luo Tian Sweet persimmons

The main feature of this variety of persimmons is that you can take off your own astringent without manual. After mature, you can pick it up and try it directly. The flesh is very delicate and the taste is very good. The most important thing is very convenient.

Pointed persimmon

The persimmons of this variety are relatively small, orange -red in the epidermis. It tastes strong and juicy and very sweet. In addition, the yield of sharp persimmons is very high, and the fruit is not easy to fall off. It is a very popular variety!


The shape of the cow heart persimmon is very interesting, and it is precisely because of its shape that looks like a cow heart, so it is named. The flowering period of Niuxin persimmon can be harvested in October in October each year. In addition to raw food, it can also be cooked, sweet and juicy, and is loved by many foods.