Coral vine breeding methods and precautions

Method of coral vine breeding

Soil basin requirements

It is the best choice to grow in acidic soils that are planted in humidity, fertile, well -drained and rich in humus -rich. And should be watered frequently to keep the soil moist. In addition, the choice of pots is also very important. The flower pot has a certain depth, which can promote the growth of the root.

Coral vine likes a warm and humid environment. The temperature growing temperature is 22-30 ° C, and the mature plants are slightly cold -resistant. The seedlings are strictly frosty.


The coral vines should be paid to the pillar of the potted plant. The bracket can be tied into various forms, which is convenient for the overall aesthetics of coral vine growth. As a rattan plant, it is more spread, and pay attention to pruning strips in time.

Water and more fat

Coral vine likes a moist environment, so it should be fully watered during the growth period. Keep the soil moist and spray water on the leaves in summer. Keep the soil during dormancy.

There are more fertilizers needed for coral vine during the growth period, and 25 % cooked cake fertilizer is required every 7 to 10 days. When flower buds appear, more phosphate and potassium fertilizer should be applied.

Precautions for the breeding of coral vines

Sufficient light

In the summer high temperature period, it is necessary to place it in the shade of the tree, but also to ensure that there are 3-4 hours of direct lighting every day. In this way, coral vines will not have a long phenomenon. In particular, pay attention to the maintenance of the family potted plants, try to put the flower pot on the south or west of the balcony.

Promote branches

In order to ensure that the plant shape of coral vine plants is full, it is necessary to top up multiple times in the early stages of growth to promote its multiple branches.