Crystal palm blooms, okay?

Does the crystal palm bloom?

The crystal palm is blooming. The flowers of the flowers are total inflorescence. The flowers are very small. Although blooming, the flowers are not good -looking and there is no ornamental value.

Instead, the entire plant of the crystal palm has a long or round or spoon -shaped leaf, thick meat, tight and sequentially arranged into a lotus seat, the leaves of the leaves are green and bright, and the leaf meat is translucent. A small lotus flower can be made into many crafts.

Can the crystal palm bloom?

Crystal palm is a kind of succulent plant, which is the same plant of the male and female, and the gender grows;

The flowers of the flowers are very slim and slim, and from the leaf axils in the middle of the leaf cluster, there are many leaf clusters;

The flowers of the crystal palm are the total inflorescence of the top, and the flowers are extremely small and there are no characteristics, so there is no viewing value, and the leaf clusters appear loose after flowering, no spirit, which seriously affects its aesthetics and affects the value of ornamental;

And flowering will consume a lot of nutrients and affect the growth of the plant, so it is best to remove the flowers in time before flowering.

Therefore, according to the above introduction, the crystal palm is not good.

The value of crystal palm

Crystal palm is a succulent plant with unique leaves. Its leaves are thick and bright and green, so the plant itself is very ornamental.

People mostly use crystal palms to raise potted leaves indoors, or make crafts, and make furnishings in the bedroom, which is also very unique.

The value of the crystal palm is the value of ornamental, and the ornamental is the leaves, not a flower. Therefore, the crystal palm is not good, not only does it have no ornamental value, but also affects the growth of the leaves.