Cuique’s breeding method and precautions

Cuique’s breeding method

Light and temperature

Cuique likes the growth environment with sufficient light and sufficient light. In the process of breeding, it is necessary to ensure sufficient light. The temperature can be kept between 15 ° C -25 ° C. Therefore, the temperature of the breeding is best not too high.


When Cuique breeding, you can use sandy soil with better drainage. Generally, it is best to add a little base fertilizer in the soil to keep the soil fertility.

Water and fertilizer management

Watering should be moderate. Cuique prefers some drought growth environment. Generally, water does not need to be poured too much, and drainage is needed during the rainy season. In addition to applying some base fertilizers before planting, fertilizer can also be picked up during the growth period. The topdressing is generally nitrogen fertilizer.

Breeding method

Cuique can be reproduced and can be carried out by cuttings, divisions and sowing. The split is generally carried out in spring and autumn. The cuttings are mainly in spring, and most of them are planted in March -April.

Precautions for Cuique’s breeding


With the growth of the plants, the nutrients gradually lost and the growth of the plant needs to be changed. The pot is generally performed every 2-3 years. As well as


Cuique will also have the invasion of pests and insect pests, and the common are dark spots and rhizome soft rot.


Cuique is a kind of cold -resistant plant, but if it is a green bird sowing in autumn, it needs to be placed in a cold bed or a cold room for wintering in winter.