Rain forest cream dish

Rain forest cream is a large category. It can also be divided into Audi Lumao paste, negative cream dishes, etc. This type of cream is growing in mountainous areas with high rain and high air humidity in the summer. The growth environment also determines that we need to give enough water and maintain relatively high air humidity when cultivating this cream.

Tropical cream

This is a major category divided according to the growth environment. The varieties of creamy dishes under this category include large meat pie and creamy vegetables, fine silver cream dishes, red peacocks, cream dishes, small cream dishes, wide leaves, and leafletta. Port for vegetables and so on. In fact, the creamy vegetables that really grow in tropical areas only occupy a small part of the entire type of cream.

Subtropical cream

The varieties of creamy vegetables growing in subtropical are inserted leaf cream, good hopes, cream dishes, Alice cream dishes, mountain -grained cream dishes, charming cream dishes, velvet cream dishes, etc. The terrain environment of the vegetable life is very diverse. The cream in this area is generally lush in spring and summer. It is dormant in winter. However, due to the climate impact of the Mediterranean region, the cream in this area grows in winter and dormant in summer. Essence

Cold Temporary Cream

This category of cream dishes, creamy cream, silk cream, British cream dishes, round leaf cream dishes, emperor cream dishes, and so on. The leaves of this category of cream are linked, the leaves are long, or the long petioles are long. The creepers in winter will wither, grow slowly in winter, and the weather recovers quickly.

Mini Cream

This type of cream contains shiny cream, dwarf cream dishes, bearded cream dishes, long pillar cream dishes, scorpion cream dishes, etc. And name. Their stems are relatively long, the flowers are very pretty and cute, they can bloom throughout the year, and winter buds will grow in winter.

Ball Root Cream

This type of creamy vegetables mainly include large leaf cream, leaflet cream dishes, wide -footed cream dishes, shallow leaves cream dishes, etc. This type of cream is growing in areas with hot and dry summer, cold and humid winter in winter, cold and humid in winter They have spherical rhizomes underground to cope with the hot and dry summer.