Do Green Luo like the sun?

Green Luo likes the sun, and it is also resistant to yin

As the most popular leaf -viewing plant, Lvulu also has a lot of problems around Green Luo. Do flower friends often ask green Luo like to like the sun? This question cannot be responded unilaterally, because although the green dill belongs to a yin -resistant plant, it also needs light, but it just needs to be illuminated.To understand this light from another angle.

Green Luo cannot be exposed to exposure

First of all, green dill cannot be exposed, because it grows in the forest covered by towering trees. The positive is not strong, and it will not be exposed to sunlight anymore.So it is not suitable for breeding on a strong balcony.

But Green Luo also needs to let it be exposed to the sun in order to perform photosynthesis.Flowers can maintain in a bright astigmatism environment, such as backlight balconies, toilets, kitchens, living rooms, and so on.