Do not forget the difference between lavender and lavender, four o’clock differently distinguishes!

1. Color

It is mainly purple, and there are pink, purple, orange, yellow, and white. The flowers that do not forget me are relatively large, with five petals. Lavender flowers are mainly purple. Compared with forgetting me, there are also blue and pink. There are only two types of planting in my country. Lavender flowers are rice grains and smaller than not forgotten.

Two, odor

The floral fragrance of meading is very light. The aroma of lavender is strong, because it basically has oil glands in the whole body, and the crushing aroma of the oily glands is poured out. Therefore, lavender is the world’s first incense plant, and the essential oils that have been trained on it are widely used in many fields such as beauty and daily chemistry.

Third, growth habits

Don’t forget to like loose and breathable and alkaline soil, resist dry, like dryness and humidity. The distance between each plant is controlled at 30 ~ 40 cm, and the depth of the planting is higher than the root neck of the ground. The internal temperature control of 2 months after planting is below 15 ° C, and it is guaranteed that it is conducive to normal flowering through the temperature stage. Lavender is like the sun. It needs to be warm in winter and cool in summer. When there is a sun, water cannot be watered, and watering cannot be poured on the plant to prevent long worms and rot.

Fourth, efficacy

In addition to being able to be given away from each other, you can also use it to make flower tea. The effects of flower tea have blood nourishing the kidneys, beauty and beauty, and the eyes of the eyes are also loved by the majority of women. I hurt the kidneys. The main effects of lavender have the effect of sleeping and bacteriostatic. Use lavender to make pillows can effectively improve sleep. It can also make tea, mask, essential oil, etc. In short, its application is much wider than forgetting me.

There are so many differences between the two. Friends who like them can buy both flowers.