Does Chiba Lotus sleep in summer?

Keep sufficient light

In the case of insufficient light, they will make the plant type scattered, not compact enough, and the leaf color will become lighter and grow. However, in summer, the sun is strong, so it cannot be placed directly in the sun. Liangtang is a little bit to ensure that they can accept the light and not sunburn.

Keep good ventilation

In summer, because the warm clothes are suitable, it is very easy to breed the pathogenic bacteria and cause violations of the plants. To this end, they should be placed in a better air flow to effectively avoid the breeding of bacterial viruses and allow them to stay away from the troubles of pests during the sleeping period.

Control the number of watering times

Chiwan in the summer dormant must control the number of watering times. Do not water too much, and the water accumulation will cause it to rot. When the leaves slowly have a transparent feeling, it indicates that the water in the lotus body is too much at this time, and the watering should be stopped immediately. In addition, watering time is best to choose in the afternoon or evening.

In summary, spending a hot summer is a great challenge for Chiza lotus. How to make Chiwa Lotus, which is suppressed by growth, can survive smoothly, which is also our focus when we are maintaining it. I believe that everyone can take the right measures in time, so that Chiwa Lotus, who is in the dormant period, can also maintain a strong vitality and raise the perseverance for the long -term arrival of the autumn.