Does the fire spine bloom?

Flower Flower

Fire spines are not only beautiful, but also have red and brilliant fruits, but also bloom.

The flowering period of the spiny spines is from March to May, and the flowers bloom in the summer.

The spiny flower, the inflorescence is an umbrella room -like growth, the petals are white and round, the stem sink is covered with hairless coverage, the calyx is bell -shaped, the hairless and sepals are triangular ovate.

Fire spiny blooming maintenance

The spiny flower is white, densely clustered, and elegant, so how can we bloom more flowers?

First of all, fire spiny preferences are strong, so there must be sufficient light to promote the growth of spiny spiny buds, budding and blooming.

Secondly, the management of fertilization and watering: In the growth period of fire spines, a large amount of fertilization should be applied, and phosphorus fertilizer and potassium rotten fertilizer should be applied during the flowering period. Wait for potassium fertilizer to apply. Be careful not to use fast -acting fertilizers.

Watering should be sufficient. Pay attention during the flowering period. Do not let the rain drizzle to the spine on the rainy days, otherwise it will affect the pollination growth of the flowers.

Watering, as long as you look at the pot soil, do not dry, do not dry it, the fire spines are afraid of waterlogging, and the wet will rot.

Finally, the fire spiny changes the pot once a year, cut the old root of the pot, and then apply the bottom fertilizer to promote more flowers in the coming year.

In the fall of each year from October to November, trimming can be carried out. You can cut nutrient branches and retain short branches. Promote the growth and differentiation of flower buds.

Flower Words

The spiny flower is white, exquisite, and its flower language symbolizes compassion, expressing people’s longing for good and beautiful.

Another kind of flower language is auspicious, which can bring good luck, and will be strong in the future.

So you can also give the fire spiny to friends to express your blessing to him!