Does Xiaoli flowers bloom in winter?

Whether to bloom in winter

First of all, Xiaobian tells everyone that under the circumstances that the environmental conditions meet its growth requirements, Xiaolihua can bloom in winter, so let’s first understand its habits together! Sunshine is very important for Xiaolihua, and the mild climate is also suitable for its growth.

The growth temperature is best between 10 degrees Celsius and 25 degrees Celsius. It can neither bear the heat nor the cold. When the temperature of the environment is less than 0 degrees Celsius, its roots will be frozen or even rotten. The requirements for soil must be loose and fertile, and the drainage performance must be good.

How can we make them bloom in winter

From the habit of Xiao Lihua’s growth habit, it can be seen that it is very difficult to plant Xiaolihua and make it flowers outdoors. We can choose the way of potted plants and put it indoors. Selected in October sowing, when the temperature is lower than 15 degrees Celsius, move it to the shed room or a double -layer plastic insulation shed, so as to help Xiaolihua maintain the growth temperature of 10 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees Celsius. Every day, you can use artificial ways to let Xiaolihua take six to ten hours of sun, and control the temperature difference between day and night to more than 5 degrees Celsius.

In addition, pay attention to fertilization. Fertilizer can choose nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium fertilizers to mix well. It must be used to grasp the amount of nitrogen fertilizer. If you don’t want Xiaolihua to grow too high, you can choose to control the way of topping topping. Forcibly controlling external conditions according to this method, Xiaolihua can bloom in winter!


In fact, under normal circumstances, Xiaolihua does not bloom in winter, because the temperature conditions at this time are indeed not suitable for its growth. We can dig up its roots to indoor storage. Pay attention to drying during the storage period, and Don’t water it so that it can make beautiful flowers in the winter and the next spring!