Dogwood is not blooming

Flower period of dogwood

As the saying goes, spring -viewing flower flowers, summer look at the shadow, autumn view of red fruits, and snowy snow, from this, can be seen that the flowering period of dogwood is in spring. From March to April every spring, you can see the flowers of dogwood. Sometimes, the flowering period can be from January to March. Under general climatic conditions, dogwood can be opened during the Spring Festival to the Lantern Festival. Its flowering period can be as long as 50 days, opening up in the spring breeze, and is enchanting.

Dogwood has the characteristics of early flowering period, long flowering period, and dryness of the flower. It has become one of the most market potential plants in the northern region.

Dogwood bloom

The dogwood blooms golden golden, stretching the branches.

The flowers of the dogwood are born on the side of the branches with an umbrella -shaped inflorescence. There are 4 slices of total bracts, which appear ovate, about 8 mm long, with purple, small hair on both sides, and falling off after flowering. The total flower stalk is stout, and the slightly gray hair is slightly gray. Blossoming is relatively small, but clustered, it looks dense. Each flower has four petals, tongue -like lanceolate, smaller, yellow, and rolling outward.

The dogwood is the first flower and then the leaves. Generally, the leaves will be bloomed first. After the flowers are thankful, the leaves are golden yellow. This is very similar to the plum, Yingchun and forsythia.

Dogwood flower language

The flowers of the dogwood are repaying and thanked, love each other, from the flower type to the meaning of the meaning.

Dogwood, as a plant with important value, is repaying, thanks, which reflects its selflessness and gratitude. Such a flower language is simple but very warm. It is said that the flowerwood flowers can also dispel evil spirits. In addition to the mildew of the year, under the blessings of the dogwood, you can eliminate bad luck and attract happiness!