Even if this flower never blooms, I want to raise 10,000 years

Flying Butterflies -Purple Leaf Sauce Mao

The leaves of the purple leaf sauce,

It looks like a flying little butterfly ~

very beautiful!

Main points of maintenance:

1. Light: I like places with sufficient light, so let it expose the sun! But the hot sun is shade.

2. Watering: If you do n’t do it, you do n’t pour it, you can pour it through. The air is too dry in winter. Remember to sprinkle water on it and nearby ~

3. Turn the basin: Because it has a strong light, it must be turned around regularly. Otherwise, the president is crooked ~

Heart -shaped angel -Heart Leaf Ball orchid

Heart leaf ball,

The same as its name,

The leaves are heart -shaped,

Represents my heart I love you ~

Maintenance method:

1. Light: Heart Leaf Ball Lan likes a half -day environment, so it is best to put it in a bright astigmatism, such as in a bright living room.

2. Soil: The proportion of garden soil, corrupt leaves, sand, and sand, 2: 2: 2: 2:

3. Watering: If you do n’t dry it, you do n’t pour it through. You ca n’t accumulate water. Usually you often spray water on it and nearby to keep the humidity.

Fan -shaped elegant -Ginkgo

Ginkgo can be said to be all treasures,

Not only is the shape very ornamental,

The fruit of the knot can be eaten and the medicine can be used.


Maintenance method:

1. Light: The light must be sufficient, but Ginkgo is a plant that likes light very much ~

2. Watering: Keep the pot soil moist, and should not be partial, but water cannot be accumulated. After autumn, water should be watered less. In the summer, the warm and high light is strong, and the ginkgo leaves evaporate quickly. Watering should be watered sooner or later.

3. Fertilizer: Use tofu cakes or fertilizer in winter every winter to apply base fertilizer for ginkgo.

The rounded beads -Buddha beads

The beads are like real Buddha beads,

Rolling leaves,

It’s good!

And fortunately to support it!

Maintenance method:

1. Humidity: Buddha beads like places with high air humidity, so in addition to daily watering, you should often spray water around the beads to increase the air humidity.

2. Watering: Buddha beads are more resistant to drought, so do not wet to dry. When watering, it must be poured through. After the surface of the pot soil is dry, watering is watered.

3. Lighting: Buddha beads like the environment of semi -yin, so you can’t expose it to the sun. In summer, you must shade it.

One by one heart -the man of love

Look at the leaves on those plants,

Is that the heart you fell?

Hurry up and pick me up ~

Maintenance method:

1. Light: I like the environment of semi -yin, so it is a great choice in the indoor breeding ~ For example, the scattered light in the bright living room can meet his growth needs ~

2. Watering: Wait until the potting of the pot soil can be watered ~ You can pick it up. If it fluttering, you can water it ~

3. Temperature: The temperature in winter cannot be lower than 10 ° C, otherwise it is very easy to freeze to death.

The horse gown on the body -horse gown and wood

Why is it called a horse gown?

Look at the leaves in the figure below,

Is it very similar to a dress after the backward?

Maintenance method:

1. Light: I like the environment with sufficient light, so be sure to put it in a place with good light ~

2. Watering: The horse gown and wood like a moist environment, so the principle of watering should be ensured, but water cannot be accumulated ~

One by one copper coin -copper coin grass

Coppercurus is small and cute,

The leaves are even more round,

Like a small copper coin,

What a good look ~

Maintenance method:

1. Watering: Copper coins like a moist environment, so watering should be wet and not dry.

2. Light: Coppercurus likes to be sufficient, so you must often bask in the sun when breeding copper coins!

3. Half -soil and half water: Recommend the use of half -soil and half -water breeding method, the simplest, remember to add water inside!

These chlorophytic plants,

Even if you don’t bloom,

It is also fun to put it at home ~