Features of Phoenix

Know the Phoenix

The alias of Phoenix Wood, also known as Jinfenghua, Fire Tree and so on.

Phoenix wood is a large tree tree. Its flowers are bright and red, and are known as one of the most colorful trees in the world. At the same time, it is still a national flower that is very national, and many cities in cities.

Phoenix wood is native to tropical places in Madagas and around the world. It is now distributed in the southwestern and southern regions of our country. It is leafy and dense, which is loved by many people.

The value of Phoenix Wood

Phoenix wood is not only a famous tropical ornamental tree species, but also the bark of Phoenix wood also has certain medicinal value. It can flatter liver and diven, solve heat and clear poison, and its roots can also treat symptoms such as romantic pain and dizziness. The species is not only beautiful but also very practical.

Features of Phoenix

The Phoenix wood is a large tree tree, and its plant height can reach 20 meters and the diameter of the chest can reach 1 meter.

The tree shape of the Phoenix wood is wide umbrella -shaped, with many branches. Its bark is roughly gray -brown, small branches are short fluffy and have obvious skin holes.

The leaflets of the Phoenix wood are densely elliptical, full, full, dull at the top, crooked base, smooth and thin leaves, blue green, leaf veins are only obvious in the middle veins, and on both sides are silk hair.

When the leaves fall in winter, there are countless leaflets falling like snowflakes. Phoenix wood likes to live in a high temperature and humid and sunny environment. The appropriate growth temperature is 20-30 degrees Celsius. The fertile soil and good drainage soil are suitable for their growth.