Five -star flower breeding methods and precautions

Breeding method

Temperature: It prefers to grow in a warm environment, but too hot and cold will affect its growth. If the temperature during the day can be maintained between 22 and 24 degrees, the temperature at night can be maintained between 17 degrees and 18 degrees at night. Then it can reach the best growth state. When the temperature is lower than 10 degrees, the flowering period may disappear.

Sunshine: The more the sun, the more lush and thick it will grow; otherwise, the branches will be slender and the leaves are thin. Even in winter, the sun is indispensable.

Moisture: It is a relatively drought -tolerant plant. It is very exclusive to the phenomenon of overly wet soil or water accumulation, especially in the growth period, and it should not increase watering because the plant growth needs water. Too much watering can cause the plant to rot the roots, causing the plant growth to be blocked, and the flowers of flowers will also be affected.

Fertilization: The growth period can be fertilized once a week. Because of its long flowering period, there are more fertilizers.


It is best to put water in the sun before watering. One is to comprehensively take the water quality, and the other is that the temperature of the water can be the same as the temperature of the environment. This is conducive to the health of the plant. water.

The concentration of fertilizers should rather be faint when fertilizing.