Flower blooming plants

Lu Binghua

Lu Binghua, a scientific name of the feather fan beans, believes that everyone has heard the name in the song. When Lu Binghua blooms, the flowers are rotated, arranged densely, showing a spire -shaped, colorful and rich in color. It is a rare and beautiful plant.


Mao Dihuang refers to the ocean yellow, mostly medicinal plants, but it is often seen in garden applications. The flowering period of Mao Dihuang is from May to June. When blooming, there are several small flowers on the long inflorescence, which are changeable and very beautiful.

Feiyan grass

Feiyan grass, also known as pigeon flower, the flowers are exquisite when blooming. The color of the flowers of Feiyan grass is mostly blue or blue -purple, and there are more than a dozen beautiful flowers on the total inflorescence, like a blue bird.

A string of red

To say that this flower blooms, a string of red is a good representative. When a bunch of red flowers, red flowers are born on the inflorescence, and the colors are mostly red, as well as purple and white. A string of red and sweet nectar.

Tang Yupu

Tang Yanpu, also known as Jianlan, Tang Yupu is a relatively important flower cut plant with exquisite flowers and beautiful flowers. Tang Yupu’s color is very rich, with monochrome and compound color. The flowering period is mainly from July -September.


Hyacinth is a relatively common flowering plant with rich colors and beautiful legends, so it is loved by people. When the fabrics blossomed, there were several small flowers on the inflorescence, which was very beautiful.


Goldfish grass, also known as Longkou flowers, when blooming, flowers are like small goldfish, so they are called goldfish grass. The beauty of the goldfish grass can be planted with potted plants, and the ornamental is high.