Flower market is not good to choose flowers, and it is hard to escape to learn more about learning.


1. It is best to choose plants with whisper roots and root systems in order to buy back new roots after planting. The same batch of succulent plants, if there are several colors and different colors, are likely to have problems with the root system.

2. After the meat of the naked root, you need to perform simple root repair treatment, shake the excess soil, remove the dry and rotten blades and beard roots, and keep the main root. Dry for a day or two.

3. If the plants that have been planted in the pot, pay attention to whether it is new. If it is a new plant before sale, the pot soil is soft, and the light shake plants will shake a lot. Such plants do not send new roots. After buying home, you must avoid strong light irradiation and control water. Generally, normal management can be gradually managed after one to one and a half months.

4. Pay attention to whether the living habits of various types should be similar when buying a combination of potted plants. If you cultivate the different types of light, moisture, and cultivation matrix, it will bring inconvenience to future maintenance.

5. Families with low room temperature in winter, buying meat -resistant succulents should avoid the dormant period from November to March of the following year. Otherwise, it is difficult for plants to survive if continuous low temperature weather. Autumn is the best season to buy succulent. It is better to maintain it. The succulents bought in spring are often cultivated in autumn and winter, and anti -reverse nature is almost. Avoid buying near summer, because the succulent plant is really important in summer, the condition is not good, the summer is sad, and it may be disabled after being under time.

6. The pests of the succulent plants are mostly hidden between the leaves or branches of the plants. The pattern and pigmentation of the succulent plants are covered. Careful check when selecting. Generally, the flesh from the greenhouse is sterilized by insecticidal sterilization. The online shopping channel is purchased to buy out of the soil. When you receive the goods, you should open the package in time and ventilate the flesh, especially in the summer to avoid dark rot.

Rich bamboo

1. Look at the roots and choose some of the roots. If you only cut off the main root without the side roots or the roots are less, it is recommended not to buy it. The survival rate is not high.

2. If the leaves have white spots, they may be infected by spiders. The leaves are yellow and cannot be required. If the stem is black or the stems that are in contact with the wealthy bamboo are in and out, it may have been infected, it is best not to buy it.

3. The branches and leaves are full, the plant shape is beautiful, and the height of small water -raising pots does not exceed 25 cm. The leaves are complete, non -defective, no insect spots, dark green, and the texture of the pattern is clear.

4. Choose the plants thick, and the stems are well -proportioned. Choose a short truncation time, fresh interception marks, green flowers and leaves, no dryness, and the best sluggish.


1. Look at the leggings, that is, the small fetal leaves next to the leaves and stems of the leaves, and the leaves of the seedlings grow from it one by one. The leaf pants are wide, flat, thick, bright, and hard. The shape is inverted, and the vertical lines are wide and well -properly observed on the pants. After growing, it must be a good product.

2. The leaves are oblique, wide, thick, and bright, light green, black bands and yellow ground, raised pulses, wide veins, less spacing, and large spacing. The head shape and spoon -shaped, touch the blades with your hands, the feel is delicate, the raised pulse is not rough, such as satin’s feel is generally better.

3. Fake bulb is flat, and cylindrical is middle and lower products.

4. Select the seedlip, that is, the clivia seeds of the same strail, seeding at the same time, and the same period of the seedlings, the first seedlings are stronger. Sometimes due to mutation, a few of the subsequent seedlings have grown up.

Spidering orchid

1. Several types of spider orchids are divided into several types of leaves: silver edges, green, middle white, etc. The green is good, but the appearance is not as good as the silver edge.

2. At that time, the hanging orchids were usually angry, the leaves looked bright, and the leaves were soft. The leaves of more than two years will be harder, and the whole pot will grow slightly like a two -month unreasonable inch. If there is a branch of the old basin, it is easy to shape, and the gas is cut (that is, the short and thick thick thickness of the white thick thickness The root) section can live in the pot.


1. Generally, choose a bigger breeding ball, round, don’t choose too small, it may be the one that is dry for a long time. Because of less water, the vitality is not so strong.

2. Open the most superficial layer of skin above and check whether there are molds and rotten places. To pinch hard, it is not soft. Without insect eyes, the flesh scales are hard and heavy, not tight. There is no bad mildew part inside.

3. Choose germination, a bit sharp, faster than those who have not germinated yet. If you have n’t germinated, you do n’t have to worry about it. You can first hydroponic.

4. Suitable for buying at the end of the year or early spring. Usually the color of the seed skin can basically determine what color flowers it opens. For example, the outer skin is purple -red. It will bloom purple -red flowers. If it is white, white flowers will be bloomed, but some of the varieties of hybrid breeding are more complex and sometimes unclear.


1. Observe the branches and appearance. Rose branches are mainly upright, expanded, and vines. The branches should be tough and strong, with blue and green, the lower part of the main pole is gray -brown, the new branches and leaves are purple -red, the tender shoots are not white, the whole plant has no long strains, the dense branches and leaves, the diseased and insect branches, and the strain is beautiful.

2. Observe the blades. The rose leaves are hypertrophy and dark green, shiny, not curled and shrinking. The leaves have no gray -brown stains or gray -brown spots, and there are no white powder -like substances.

3. When choosing a flower, pay attention to the beauty of the flowers, the flower buds are distorted, the petals are uniform, and the open state is not good.Choose Zhuanglei. Do not be confused by a flower on the branches. The state of the whole plant is the most important.4. Novice is best to choose the original basin.The so -called original pot is planted in the pot. When you buy it home to change the pot or change it to the ground, the roots are complete.If there is no accident, hundreds of lives.And digging out of the ground will hurt the roots.

5. The rose of the market for sale is generally grafted or cuttings.It is best to select it. The growth is good. Generally, the roots are all lignified pieces. There are grafting, and a small straight pole is cut.

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