Frequent corn stone breeding method


If you want to know how to raise it, you must start with your habits. This succulent likes the sunny position, but the half -yin environment is also possible. It is best to choose sandy soil with strong drainage capacity. In this way, their roots do not like to breathe, and if they are serious, they may rot.

Main point of conservation

Temperature and light

This succulent likes to a lot of sunlight can tolerate a certain degree of low temperature, but if the outdoor temperature does not reach minus 15 ° C, don’t put it outdoors. In July and August, the light ability is good. At this time, the shading must be considered, because the temperature is too high, and the sun is too strong to be burned by light, but it cannot be completely without light. It is prone to falling, and it can return to the full day when autumn comes.

Water and soil

This succulent was originally grown in a relatively dry environment, so it was more able to withstand a dry environment. Watering also needs to see the soil in the pot before it is needed. In summer, don’t think that the temperature is high. In fact, they need to control the amount of water. fertilizer.

The soil below is best to use soils that are well drained, such as mixing with pottery grains and rough river sand. If there are conditions, you can add some rotten leaves, which can be more conducive to growth.

Now I have learned the main points of succulent maintenance? As long as you are careful, this succulent can still be raised. Although it is not very common, it does not mean that they are not worth raising.