Glass green breeding method

1. Soil:

The cultivation soil can be used to mix with a ratio of 1: 1: 1, and a small amount of bean cake can be mixed with a ratio of 1: 1: 1.

2. Humidity:

The glass of glass is moist, and the relative humidity of the most suitable air is 40-60%. If the air is dry, the leaves will lose the green luster of the leaves. Therefore, in addition to the proper sunlight from the strong light in the summer, spray water on the leaves several times a day and sprinkle water around the ground flowers, which can increase the air humidity, reduce the temperature, and keep the leaves green.

3. Light:

In the summer, it should be properly shaped to avoid straight light. Move in the room in winter, place the window sill of the sun, and maintain it. During the entire growth and development process, it is best to rotate the flower pot every 7 days. Beautiful.

4, temperature:

Glass is green and warm environment. The temperature is best at 18 ° C to 25 ° C. Winter wintering cannot be lower than 10 ° C.

5. Fertilization:

Apply fertilizer every 10 days during the growth period; it is advisable to rot cake fertilizer water, and the concentration of the fertilizer is 0.2%; it is applied once every 15 days after flowering. When the fertilizer and water are insufficient, the stems and leaves are yellow and affecting flowering; too much fertilizer or excessive shade will cause the plant’s stems and leaves to grow long and easy to fall. The fertilization should be stopped in time, and the top of the branches should be removed to promote the lower branches.

The role of glass green

1. Decoration home

The glass of glass is green and lush. This type of plant has always been a common variety of home decoration. It is placed on the desktop, window sills, balcony and other places, adding green to the room, making people living inside more comfortable and natural.

2. Fresh air

Green plants must be optical, so air exchange with the surrounding environment will be performed. In this process, more or less will always have the effect of purifying the air. The glass is a plant of Xiyang. It requires the sun all year round. The oxygen released during the optical effects is more good for the improvement of home air.

3. Treatment of mosquito bites

According to the trial friends, the green juice can cure the itch caused by the mosquito bites. After the mosquito bite, the skin will itch. Wipe the biting place in the bitterness in the glass of the glass can relieve itching.

Glass green leaves yellow

1. The sun is too strong

The glass of glass is better, but the sun is too strong to cause the leaves to yellow, so pay attention to shading the glass in summer, but it should be kept on the window sill and other places in winter to provide sufficient light.

2. Too much watering

The rhizomes of the glass are meaty, so pay attention to the problem of watering. Do not water too much to avoid causing floods. The root system cannot breathe and causes the leaves to fall yellow. As long as the soil is moist, it is enough.

3. Low humidity

The glass is relatively high in the humidity of the air, and the relative humidity of the most suitable air is 40 to 60%. If the air is dry, the leaves will lose the green luster of the leaves, and even the leaf discomfort, the shrinking curls, the dry edges, so the high temperature in summer Attention should be paid to keeping the leaves of the leaf surface to increase the air humidity.