Gold and Silver Flower picking method

Picking time

The flowering period of honeysuckle from March to May, when the honeysuckle flower period, we better pick it in the early morning and morning. At this time, the honeysuckle is not open yet. It is better, and the value of honeysuckle is relatively high. If it is a gold and silver flower for the product, it is best to pick it when the lithoscopy on the tanks is dried in the sunny morning.

Picking part

When we pick up gold and silver flowers, they are generally flower buds with gold and silver flowers. When picking, we can observe whether the flower buds are relatively hypertrophy, the color is just right or close to the blue color, and the buds of flower buds are clean. This kind of flower bud is a very good quality flower bud. The flower buds of picking should be mature and full of flower buds.

Picking method and post -processing

We should be selected and picked in the basket that picked the gold and silver flower buds. Be careful not to pile up the flower buds in concentration, but to spread them out, and the time of the placement must not exceed four hours, exceeding this time, gold and silver flowers. The quality will decrease. The honeysuckle as a product requires more complicated post -processing. The picking honeysuckle must be placed in the straw mat and spread it out. Be careful not to expose it, and it needs to be dried up in two days. Turn the gold and silver flowers, otherwise the flowers will turn black and reduce quality.