Golden chrysanthemum breeding method

Sunshine needs

Golden chrysanthemum likes plenty of sunlight. Whether it is summer or winter, if the sun is not abundant for a long time, the plants will become very thin, the flowers are not gorgeous, and the fragrance of the flowers will become lighter. If you are breeding indoor in winter, place it in the sun that can be shown in the sun, and then rotate the pots often to allow the plants to enjoy the sunlight of the sun, so that the plant will grow more evenly.

Fertilizer needs

The growth period can be applied every 2 to 3 months, and its demand for fertilizers is not too high. But avoid the leaves and flowers when fertilizing the fertilizer.

Moisture needs

In the golden period of better growth, sufficient water must be given, but water can not be stored. At the same time, it does not make the native period too humid.

Disease prevention

The main disease is brown corruption, because the leaves at the bottom of the plant are close to the soil. When watering, it is prone to water or the leaves are close to the soil for a long time. The high incidence of the disease is from March to April of each year. When milder, you can cut off the diseased parts. When the drug is severe, it can be treated with medicine. Therefore, do not let the leaves of the plants get moisture during daily breeding.