Golden jade chrysanthemum breeding method

Jin Yuju’s growth habit

Jin Yuju is warm, dry and sunny environment, which is more resistant to drought and is more resistant to semi -yin. He is afraid of accumulating water and scorching sun. The main growth period is more spring and autumn. Maintenance.

Golden jade chrysanthemum breeding method

Golden jade chrysanthemum should not be accumulated in water. Otherwise, it will easily lead to rotten roots. In high temperatures in summer, the plant grows slowly, and it is suitable for maintenance in a semi -yin environment with good ventilation. In particular, pay attention to avoid direct sunlight, and properly control watering and fertilization. Winter wintering temperature is not less than 10 ° C and the lowest at least 5 ° C.

Precautions for Jin Yujujia

Golden jade chrysanthemum can remove the dry leaves at any time during the breeding process, and it can also be used and topped to promote branches. Golden jade chrysanthemum breeding is mainly cuttings, and it is easy to cut. Cut the leaves below, dry the wound in the cool and ventilated place, and insert it into the plain sand or vermiculite.