Golden lotus family breeding method

Golden Lotus soil

The planting of the golden lotus is relatively high for soil. We need to choose organic sandy loam soil. If possible, you can test the pH value. At the same time Add some organic fertilizer as base fertilizer.

Golden lotus temperature

Golden lotus likes to survive in a lower temperature environment. The more favorite temperature is between 10 ° C and 15 ° C. In winter, you need to place the golden lotus in the room for breeding ~

Golden lotus watering

Golden lotus likes the environment with high humidity, so we should pay attention to keeping the moisture of the golden lotus and the humidity of the air. Watering should be appropriate.

Golden Lotus Fertilization

The fertilization of the golden lotus seedlings can be applied every ten days, and the fertilization should be reduced as much as possible in the future. We can chase water fertilizer every 20 days. Apply fertilizer water to make the flowers bloom more vivid, but too much fertilization will burn seedlings. Pay attention to this.

Golden Lotus Pruning

Golden lotus can be topped before it blooms, which can ensure that the flowers are more beautiful. At the same time, we must also use fine bamboo to set up brackets so that golden lotus flowers can grow better.