Goldfish Schilan varieties

Small leaf goldfish flower

The small leaf goldfish is also known as the buttons of the fascinating fish, native to Costa Rica. Its morphological characteristics are that the stems are very slender and branched. The leaves are very small, and their flowers are on the leaf axillary. The overall is orange -red, and the shape looks like a goldfish.

The flowering period is usually maintained in the spring and summer seasons, which are generally maintained in about 20 days.

The small leaf gold fish flowers are a new flower and leaf appreciation plant introduced from abroad in recent years.

Fine leaf goldfish flowers

Fine -leaf goldfish flower, also known as Sida goldfish, is a hybrid breed native to Norway. Its habit is to grow vine and hang up.

The flowers of fine -leaf goldfish are large and many, with crimson red, flowering in spring.

Its external characteristics are: compared to small leaf goldfish flowers, the leaves of fine leaf goldfish flowers are as small as their names, very small, leathery, dark green, smooth and shiny on the surface.

I like the sun, moist growth environment, and not tolerate cold.

Big goldfish

Big goldfish flowers are also called whale flowers. Its appearance is characterized by: the stem stalks grow upright, and the hair is covered with hair on each branch; the old stem is reddish brown

Its leaves, yang, leaf wide ovate, nearly wide, dark green on the surface, pale back on the back, without hairy coverage.

The corolla of the large leaf goldfish is scarlet, the flowers are large, and the flower columns are shredded; fresh and pleasant.

The above are the most common varieties of goldfish drinker. In addition, there are varieties such as scales of goldfish flowers, sparse goldfish flowers, and Yazhi goldfish flowers.